Retirement & Investment Planning

When it comes to retirement it is crucial to start saving early, add to your investment whenever you can afford to, and try not withdraw funds from your retirement savings.  Although it is advisable to start saving earlier on in your life, it is also never too late.

We are here to assist you with the following:

Retirement Annuities – Offer extensive tax benefits and protection of your savings until you retire, an RA is the ideal solution to make provision for a comfortable retirement.

Preservation Funds – To ensure you stay on track with meeting your retirement goals, it’s essential that you preserve and grow your accumulated savings when you leave your pension or provident fund if you change jobs or are retrenched. There is also no tax on your investment growth.

Unit Trusts – A unit trust gives you cost-effective access to a range of funds across asset classes. You can invest from as little as R 500 a month and access your money whenever you want.

Like most things, retirement all starts with a plan and we are here to walk you through the entire process in order for you to achieve your end goal, and ultimately financial freedom.

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